The Five Star Homestay


Five Star Homestay is a growth-centered network with ten years of experience. Student wellness and safety is our first and foremost priority. A positive academic environment begins with safe families and communities.


We also have a good foundation built on conflict prevention and resolution. We provide a 24-hour emergency response number to assist students with any issues that may arise in their homestay.


Our homestay placement coordinators are skilled in matching student profiles with approropriate host families. Homestay placement is confirmed between one to three business days after submitting the application form. We follow up with students and host families after seven days for any further inquiries. Homestay can be rearranged within one to two business days.


Five Star Homestay families demonstrate a genuine enthusiasm for hosting international students. It is not merely about renting a room. For these families, they look forward to welcoming you into their homes. You will also experience some wonderful insights into other cultures. We choose our families based on their experience, living conditions and location.