Become A Host


Being a homestay host is a culturally enriching and financially rewarding activity that can lead to long-term friendships with people from around the world. Homestay involves providing accommodation, with or without meals (though most homestays do provide meals), to young international university or college students, or other international visitors, in return for a weekly payment. Homestay hosting is available to all types of Canadian households (families with or without kids, single parents, empty nesters or pensioners) who have spare bedrooms and are located within a reasonable travel time by direct public transport to major universities and other educational institutions across Canada.


With students representing over 40+ countries, you will have the enriching opportunity to welcome a small part of the world into your home!
Host families earn a significant amount weekly by opening their homes to international students
Host families not only provide a private bed and a safe/ clean environment, but also an open heart and warm smile.


Step 1: Sign-up to be a host
Step 2: Log-in, upload your spare room, apartment, home, etc..
Step 3: Schedule visit with local homestay manager
Step 4: Your listing is activated! You can start hosting students and receiving supplemental income.