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Accommodation Overview

Toronto Five Star offers a unique homestay accommodation booking service for students and visitors of all backgrounds and ages across Canada.

We provide homestays in all major cities in Canada: Toronto, Montreal, Niagara Falls, Hamilton and Vancouver.

We take the accommodation needs of every applicant very seriously. Our priority is always your safety and comfort.

Toronto Five Star specialises in offering Standard and Premium Homestay.

We also have  Student-Shared Accommodation.

Airport Pick up

  • Pre-departure training
  • We offer serviced luxury SUV cars.
  • Our staff will hold a “pickup board” with student’s name on it at the terminal exit
  • Help the student contact parents
  • Student will be safely delivered to the destination

Airport Pick-up and Drop- off services (use link) will be airport pick up form


1-Document Custodianship

Minors (less than 18 years of age) who travel to Canada to study without a parent/legal guardian must be cared for by a custodian. We provide custodianship and the notarized document.

2- Basic Custodianship

Toronto Five Star’s Basic Custodianship service is designed for international high school students under the age of majority. The custodian is the advisor on school matters, the point of contact for the school, and an academic monitor on behalf of the parents.

3- Premium Custodianship

Toronto Five Star’s Premium Custodianship service is one step up from Basic Custodianship. It is designed for parents who wish to fully govern their child’s overseas living and studying arrangements. The custodian not only monitors the academic progress of the student, but also provides effective support in matters of everyday life.

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Five Star Tours

Five Star tours are an increasingly popular form of short-term travel for international students looking to immerse themselves in the local culture and enjoy the sightseeing. A typical tour consists of 10-50 students who will visit for a minimum of one week. During the week, the students will attend classes in local Canadian schools or  language colleges, enjoy sightseeing expeditions after class or on the weekend, and stay with a Canadian family that will help them assimilate to a Canadian lifestyle, adding value to their study-tour experience.

You can request a tour by contacting us at

Promotion Package

Toronto Five Star Homestay is proud to offer the following promotion:


    • Airport pick-up and city booklet
    • Free local calling and international text and 2 gb internet Sim card
    • 3 meals Standard Homestay for 4 weeks
    • Placement Fee
    • Free 2-way TTC transportation ticket All Included $1410 CAD

Pricing & Conditions

Valid for students arriving between 1 January 2019 and 31 December 2019. Students applying in 2019 but arriving after 31 December 2019 will need to pay the difference in prices, if any, before an accommodation offer will be made.

Service Type

Type of Fee

Price (CAD)

Placement Fee One Time


Re-Arrangement Per Occurance


Homestay Fee 3 Meals Single Room Weekly


Homestay Fee 2 Meals Single Room Weekly


Homestay Fee 3 Meals Sharing Room Weekly


Homestay Fee 2 Meals Sharing Room Weekly


Extra Days 3 Meals Weekly


Extra Days 2 Meals Daily


Documents Custodianship One Time


Basic Custodianship Year


Premium Custodianship Year


Airport Pickup Service One Way


Airport Pickup Service Two Way